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 There is nothing more upsetting to a runner than suffering an injury. Months and sometimes even years of training and fitness can be jeopardised by a quick slip, a turn of the ankle or a chronic overuse injury. Fortunately for we runners, there are several ways to prevent running injuries that we can use which will also help us train better and run faster.
image6_1A well-known method of injury prevention for runners is self-massage which can serve as a form of maintenance between runs. By taking care of the muscle tightness that comes after a long run or workout, you can break up soft tissue adhesions before they cause you problems.


dynamic stretching cross over lungeAlthough static stretching before a run before muscles have warmed up can often create injuries rather than prevent them, dynamic stretching can actually help you run a little more efficiently.
Dynamic stretching uses controlled leg movements to loosen up muscles, improve range of motion and increase blood flow. It is definitely something smart runners can benefit from by adding it to their training routine and it also helps prevent injury. Talk about a win-win! Here’s a simple guide for you with a comparison between dynamic versus static stretching as a starting point (we’ll explore this important topic further in separate articles):


dynamic vs static stretching guide



A relatively new method of injury prevention amongst runners is compression in the form of compression sleeves and socks. The best among these products have a graduated amount of compression and are proven to increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps and minimize muscle fatigue. Different types of compression sleeves provide the additional benefit of supporting recovery from different injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

Having witnessed so many running-related ailments for many years now and experienced stubborn setbacks in training, we’re convinced of the benefits of being pro-active in your training and maximizing recovery between workouts to help prevent injury etc. That’s why we’ve embraced compression ourselves and taken the initiative to create our own compression accessory line for our own use and to also serve you, our running community. We’ve developed a design of compression foot sleeves which we’re very proud of and which is receiving excellent reviews on Amazon!

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By providing three levels of compression across seven graduated compression zones, these compression sleeves can provide relief from symptoms of plantar fasciitis, heel or arch pain, as well as ankle support and speedier recovery between runs by enhancing blood flow. Due to their strong and lightweight design, they can also be worn under regular socks on rest days, and also at night for ongoing recovery and injury prevention. Makes sense.. why not take advantage of down-time to boost your recovery and enhance your performance?

Compression Foot Sleeves Provide Simple & Affordable Injury Recovery & Prevention


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Training should be fun but so often you can be robbed of your progress & enjoyment with a frustrating injury! The Peak Power Sport Compression Foot Sleeves are your simple solution to injury-free training & fast recovery!



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