Hey there

I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit quiet lately, and I’m not ashamed to admit
that I let something throw me a little off course.. …it’s probably time I came clean about what has been my scariest summer ever…

This is important for you to see and hear….and is what happens when a man faces his own worst fears and almost crumbles..

Now it takes a lot to stop a freight train..
..and a focused runner with big dreams for a lifetime of happy running is just that, an unstoppable freight train with a clear track ahead & a head full of hope…

..but every now and then something big can come along to shake our
determination & change our perspective…
(I’m writing this to inspire you to seize the moment in every way you can in life. I know I’ve been guilty at times of taking things for granted… and that includes you, my reader. I want you to know I appreciate you.)
So here’s my brief story.

I hope it inspires you to see how powerful you are now and that things are always better than you may think they are…
there is always hope..
Chapter 1: An Unexpected Shock

So mid-summer, I was on top of the world and in the best mental and physical condition I can remember ever being in.. this despite several dislocations & sprains starting in my very early teens & extending into my 20s.

…after years of casual running & hard work to build up my core strength and ligaments to support my knees and ankles, I was running and was psyched to be competing in my first ever official race as an adult, a 10K, on the upcoming Saturday!

I was feeling really good and had trained pretty hard using my new GPS watch without overdoing it.

I was probably even good for a top 25 position in a competitive field in the hundreds coming from far and wide.  But the position didn’t matter…
…I was just happy I’d managed to defy all odds the doctors had given me years before & I was SO excited to be doing my first race!

Fresh legs are always good for a race I thought, so three days before the race, on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, I went out for a final quick jog to get some fresh air and “keep everything moving” for the race.

…but I couldn’t find my rhythm … my left leg didn’t feel right,
then it hurt below the knee… I had to stop and walk.. “Not to worry,” I thought. “I’ll just walk for a minute & try again.”

I tried again… ahhh, now that was uncomfortable. An unexpected pain inside the joint …

I was done… I walked some more. Tried again,… nope.

I hobbled back home slowly, my mind racing about whether I’d be racing or not..
“Why did this have to happen now?!!!” … just 3 days before my very first race ?

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Would love to hear your comments further below, let me know what you think about the story so far. Or let me know if you’ve ever had to face something that shook you and how you dealt with it. I hope you’ll find this story inspiring as it unfolds & I’m excited to hear & be inspired by yours!

Take care,

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